Green Building

Sustainable building and environmentally friendly construction

Green building refers to the quality characteristics, apart from location and costs, most important for planners and builders who value sustainability: quality of construction, healthy living, energy saving measures and environmentally friendly construction materials and practices.

Sustainable construction methods are necessary to keep our climate healthy and protect our environment so that humans and other life forms can thrive. Its main focus is to reduce harmful pollutants, minimize energy consumption and conserve resources.
Fortunately, sustainable building does not necessarily mean expensive building, especially considering the reduced follow-up costs and property value retention. With our comprehensive services we support you in analyzing, planning and designing your sustainable construction project. Especially in the design and planning phases, steps can be taken to create the conditions for sustainable operations, leading to savings in maintenance and energy consumption as well as better human health and well-being.

Your Benefits

  • Effectively minimize pollution risks
  • Reduce health hazards
  • Strengthen trust with high construction standards
  • Increase the value of your property

Our Approach

We support planners, builders and architects in the design and construction of sustainable and low-emission buildings. We offer the following consulting services:
  • Sustainability assessments for buildings
  • Compliance checks according to sustainability standards
  • Consulting in the field of sustainable building
  • Training in the field of sustainable building
  • Environmental Product Declarations for construction products (EPD according to ISO 14025)
  • Support in modeling and the creation of sustainability criteria
  • A multilingual online platform for conducting audits
  • Implementation of initial and repeat audits by recognized experts and selected auditors with in-depth industry knowledge
  • Participation in events and experience sharing
From the selection of suitable materials to the analysis of your property and sustainability training, we are the right partner for your green building project.


  • We have many years of experience in the field of low-emission construction.
  • We offer comprehensive advice on how to design green buildings.
  • We have a worldwide network of experts.