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Caution! School beginners crossing

DEKRA Campaign: “Watch out! Safety is no secret!”

DEKRA Campaign

If you want to attract attention, you have to stand out!

This year, DEKRA will be distributing signal-red safety caps to school children again.

The DEKRA safety cap is comfortable to wear, popular with kids and – thanks to the striking color and fully reflective strips – impossible to ignore.

With this campaign, which has distributed over 3,16 million caps so far, DEKRA is systematically implementing yet another initiative to improve road safety.

Many road risks for children can be avoided if parents discuss and practice the relevant rules for road behavior with their children. Working on road safety behavior with a child can ensure their safe route to school as a pedestrian or on public transportation.

With its "Watch out! Safety is no secret!" campaign, DEKRA is making a contribution to the European Charter for Road Safety.

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