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20 Years of DEKRA Child Caps

Being seen means being safe

Join the celebration!

20 years of DEKRA child caps

Two decades ago, we launched our “A Head for Safety” campaign, introducing our iconic bright red safety caps with reflective strips all the way around. These caps have made millions of children more visible and safer on the roads. To stand out, you need to shine!
But safety isn’t just about being seen. We are passionately committed to educating children on how to navigate traffic safely. Road safety education for children is very important to us ever since

Since our start in 2004, we've gone from distributing 74,400 children's caps to nearly 3.6 million as we begin 2024.

So join us, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary with exclusive patches to personalize your caps!

Watch and learn

Understanding that children learn in various ways, we created an engaging explanatory film on road safety. It covers key points about visibility and safety in an easy-to-understand format. We break down the steps and reinforce the learning at the end so that it is easier to remember.
Road safety educational flyer
We've packed this flyer with crucial topics on road safety education for you.

Tips for Parents

Make learning road safety fun and effective by practicing with your child. Teach them to cross the street at crosswalks and walk to school together during regular weekdays. This hands-on practice strengthens their understanding and confidence.

Speaking of safety...

If you want to find out more about Road Safety visit our website for more facts, figures and expert advice.
DEKRA Road Safety
As statistics repeatedly show, humans are responsible for around 90 percent of accidents. In order to compensate to a certain extent for human inadequacies and misconduct at the wheel of a motor vehicle, the automotive industry has for years been increasingly relying on driver assistance systems that can detect critical traffic situations at an early stage, warn of dangers and, if necessary, actively intervene in events.