Technical Advisory in Fire Protection

Safeguarding Your Assets

At DEKRA, we offer essential expertise to ensure your assets meet stringent fire safety standards, minimizing risks and protecting your personnel. Our technical advisory services guide you through compliance complexities, empowering you to make informed decisions that prioritize safety.

Comprehensive Fire Safety Advisory Services:

  • Structural Fire Protection Checks: Verification of fire resistance in load-bearing structures, fire partitions, and emergency exits for robust structural fire safety.
  • Technical Fire Protection Assessment: Reviewing mandatory inspection documents and performing periodic inspections to guarantee safety and compliance.
  • Preventive Fire Protection Advice: Expert verification of preventive measures such as safe storage of combustible products and staff training in fire risk management.
  • Customized Fire Safety Strategies: Provide targeted advice to align with the unique fire safety demands of your building projects.
By choosing our services, you're not just meeting regulatory requirements—you're proactively elevating the safety of your assets with thorough fire protection verifications and strategic advisories tailored to your needs. Let's ensure the integrity and resilience of your building together, safeguarding your future.
Trust DEKRA for expert technical advisory services in fire protection. Contact us today to safeguard your assets and prioritize safety.