DEKRA Vision Zero

Safer Roads and fewer victims

Vision Zero is the goal to reduce deaths and serious injuries on the road to zero, with no fatalities and 100% safe arrivals. Vision Zero was originally developed in Sweden, but has become a strategy for road safety efforts in many countries around the world.

We at DEKRA are certain that we can reach this target if we all make a long-term commitment to it in the areas where we can make an impact. In some places, Vision Zero has already been achieved. Many cities around the world have done so in recent years. You can see them on our interactive map.
The DEKRA Vision Zero Map currently includes 26 countries around the world. It records all cities with over 50,000 inhabitants that have gone at least one calendar year without traffic deaths in built-up areas since 2009. The map has its origins in a 2014 DEKRA road safety report focusing on the topic of urban mobility. While drafting the report, DEKRA’s accident researchers analyzed the accident statistics of an initial 17 European countries from 2009 to 2012.
This early assessment clearly showed that hundreds of cities with over 50,000 inhabitants had reported zero traffic deaths for at least one year. The surprising insight was published in the 2014 DEKRA road safety report and visually presented in the first version of this interactive map. Since then, more and more statistical data has been input into it. The statistics are updated as more data becomes available, and other countries have been added over time.