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Registration Services

Convenient and Professional Registration Services

DEKRA as the worldwide vehicle inspection leader, allows you to comply with the regulation regarding mandatory inspection in 20 countries.

Your vehicle may also need to meet others legal obligations at some specific times: registration, vehicle licence, environmental stickers, import certificates…We support you to be compliant by offering a wide range of services in our PTI stations, so that you can get it all done at once, in the same location.

The benefits you get from our Registration services

  • Save time by doing mandatory services all at the same time in our one stop shop station

  • Benefit from our large networks of stations

  • Advice regarding vehicle mandatory processes

  • Fast and efficient services

Registration services

About Registration services

Based on local legislation, in the 20 countries in which DEKRA is present, we carry out different services related to car registration, such as:

  • Vehicle licence: payment of a fee to use the vehicle on public roads, often to be renewed annually.
  • Vehicle registration Renewals: the registration needs to be renewed, frequently on an annual basis, accompanied by a safety or emission inspection.
  • Emission stickers: more and more cities establish environmental zones to reduce emissions. Vehicles used in these zones must have a sticker with its pollutant group.
  • Vehicle compliant certificate: when you import a vehicle, the vehicle needs to meet the entry certification standards to be registrated.

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