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Robotic Inspection of Confined Spaces

Robotic Inspection of Confined Spaces

Digital and robotic technologies for safe, precise internal and external inspection of confined and dangerous spaces.

Robotic Inspection of Confined Spaces

Safe, time-saving and cost-efficient inspection of confined spaces

A dangerous undertaking, the inspection of confined spaces, toxic or explosive atmospheres, and high-altitude locations present unique technical and safety challenges. DEKRA experts implement cutting-edge technologies to ensure prudent, accurate, economical and timely inspection.

The advantages of DEKRA robotic inspection of confined spaces

Performing critical inspections in dangerous environments

Strict environmental health and safety regulations and the high cost and risk of human inspection in confined and hazardous spaces, especially when dealing with aging equipment and facilities, have led operators to look for alternative inspection methods that are both safe and cost-effective. DEKRA robotic inspection of confined spaces utilizes the latest visual, digital and robot technologies to provide time-saving, cost-efficient and safe examination you can rely on to ensure your industrial assets are compliant to international standards and operating at peak performance.

Whether working in confined spaces, in toxic and explosive atmospheres, underground, or at extreme heights, we can examine all aspects of your storage, cargo and LNG tanks, pipelines, pressure vessels and spheres. We look at shells, roofs and welds to identify flaws and detect corrosion. Aimed at keeping inspectors safe, our wide-ranging services include visual testing from the outside, digitalized internal examination using camera, endoscope, crawler and corrosion mapping technologies, as well as robotic inspection.

Eliminating the need to place inspectors at risk, our technical strategies for comprehensive and safe inspection and training include

  • Substitution,
  • Digitalization and
  • Robotics solutions.

By substituting internal assessments with external examinations and online monitoring, we are able to provide safe and effective inspections from outside any vessel or structure. Virtual and augmented reality techniques allowing full immersion into simulated hazardous environments afford us the opportunity to protect trainees while offering real experiences for the highest levels of instruction and practice. We also implement cutting-edge technologies for application in extreme conditions to support efficient, cost-effective and safe autonomous robotic inspection.

Highly trained with extensive field experience, our DEKRA experts provide high-tech inspections designed to safely produce accurate results while saving you time and money. Our advanced tools and innovative methods ensure you inspection and training services of the highest quality customized to your individual needs and particular circumstance.

With specialized mechanized NDT units working in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, DEKRA has developed manipulators specifically designed for use in confined spaces and dangerous environments. Holding two probes for faster examination, our manipulator for ultrasonic and eddy current testing can access inspection areas as small as 23mm to detect, characterize and measure longitudinal and circumferential defects. A second DEKRA-developed manipulator provides us a unique and proven tool for precise visual testing inspection.

  • ACCUTRAK scanner/crawler
  • Force AGS-2 scanner
  • SLAM & 3D LOC for digitalization and 3D screening
  • BIKE magnetic crawler
  • Vacuum crawler
  • Scout drones
  • Elios drones
  • Matrice drones
  • Standard cameras, endoscopes and crawlers

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