Big Data Services

Big Data Services

Big Data Services offers an integral software solution for any company across industries.

DEKRA offers value to companies through technology, with solid, innovative, flexible and efficient IT products and services, focused on the digitization needs of companies, providing improvements in their business and decision-making processes.
Big Data & Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data Reporting
  • Data Visualization
  • Call Analysis
Process Improvement
  • Automation Processes
  • System Integration
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Business Operations
  • Order Tracking
  • Inventory
  • Control Invoicing Service
  • Service Provision

Big Data & Analytics

The solutions are based on specialized methodologies and software tools that enable the collection, analysis, and selection of large amounts of data, transforming it into useful information for management processes, decision making, new service development, and business opportunity identification.
All solutions are scalable, either available on premise or in service mode (cloud based) and applicable to various industries e.g. Automotive, Financial, Telecommunications, Industrial, Distribution or Health – all tailored to your specific needs.
Serviber ETL
A software platform for the creation of high-performance data integration solutions, including ETL (extract, transform and load) components. It allows data to be obtained from multiple sources, reformatted and loaded into another database (data mart, or data warehouse) for subsequent use through data visualization and analytics tools, artificial intelligence and support for the management and operation of business processes.
Serviber Analytics
Telephone Call Reporting Service

Process Improvement

We help your company in the processes of change and digital transformation by automating repetitive tasks, avoiding operational errors, standardizing knowledge and facilitating the corrective and preventive maintenance of systems. Our process integration and automation solutions are applicable to various sectors and company areas e.g. testing, automation of service provision, technical support processes or mobility data collection.
Software Platform for Integration with Voice Systems
This software system for communications services allows the automation of recurring requests, reduces service provision times, increases the reliability of execution and verification of processes by reducing errors, facilitating the management and operation of communications services. It includes a web interface for real-time consultation and monitoring of the status of voice service provisioning and the generation of reports on executed operations and execution times.
Telephone Operator Advanced

Business Operations

Our software applications support the management and operation of business processes, improve their efficiency and productivity and contribute to the digital transformation. They cover the complete operation cycle – from inventory registration to invoicing in the areas of telecommunications, workstation, cybersecurity, micro mobility, energy management, renting and other services and inventorial assets.
Serviber Pro
Serviber Pro is a multi-client and multi-service software platform, oriented towards the management and operation of the services that large companies offer to their customers and internal users. The platform contributes to digital transformation by increasing quality and efficiency of the provided services and improving the customer and partner relationship management by establishing digital channels of data exchange.

Technical support and maintenance for all services

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