DEKRA Advanced Blended Coaching (ABC)

An innovative coaching methodology

As industries encounter new challenges and opportunities, our experts have revitalized coaching for the digital age with DEKRA Advanced Blended Coaching (ABC). Developed for the automotive industry, DEKRA ABC delivers an exceptional Return on Investment (ROI) for companies seeking a flexible and effective approach to employee development.

DEKRA ABC is a modern, interactive methodology, which helps your company reach its performance goals. We work closely with you to fully understand your needs, starting with a thorough analysis of your organization’s structure. Based on our assessment, we design a custom-fit coaching program that also delivers the required Return on Investment (ROI).
We blend on-site coaching and group coaching with I-Coaching and self-learning nuggets. The DEKRA Performance Manager (DPM) includes comprehensive reporting, monitoring and critiquing to ensure agreed KPIs are met. An excellent value, our coaching services integrate seamlessly into your organization and ensure measurable, sustainable results.

Your Benefits

  • Measurable results and wise resource allocation to maximize efficiency and your ROI
  • An individualized approach that tailors the program to the participant, ensuring a higher level of engagement
  • A flexible process integrating specially designed digital solutions and experienced coaches
  • Easy access through remote options combined with transparency and accountability for sustainable improvement

Our Approach

DEKRA ABC is a strategic performance improvement methodology that reinvents conventional coaching by providing a carefully selected combination of on- and off-line interventions for professional development and a host of digital tools to track and record progress. DEKRA Advanced Blended Coaching features, first and foremost, a flexible approach, varying the specific mixture of tools and program elements to accommodate and respond to both the company and the individual.

How does DEKRA ABC maximize your Return on Investment (RoI)?

Unlike conventional models, DEKRA ABC is able to deliver training and coaching through an easily accessible platform with varied content and modes of delivery. Programs that rely only on in-person training can be pricey since travel costs are usually unavoidable. Travel also makes scheduling less flexible and the opportunity for follow-up sessions, specialized topics or intensive interventions rare.
DEKRA ABC’s digital components eliminate the need for travel in many cases and are highly adaptable so that participants receive precisely the training or coaching they require at a fraction of the traditional cost. Digital diagnostics, success tracking and data analytics make it possible to target what areas need improving, how participants are progressing and where resources should be directed for the maximum impact. All of these factors mean that the ROI for DEKRA ABC is incomparably better than conventional programs.

What can you expect from DEKRA ABC?

Customization is the key that unlocks your potential. Our starting point is a detailed analysis of your business to make sure the most effective, beneficial tools for your needs are selected. We follow this up with diagnostics and assessments of individual participants. Your tailor-made program blends a variety of coaching methods, cutting-edge technology, review processes, monitoring, reporting and continuous support, such as:
  • On-line group training sessions accessible from multiple locations
  • On-line 1-2-1 coaching as a stand-alone session or part of a program
  • Real time action planning for every learning modality
  • E-learning modules
  • Face-to-face, on-site coaching catering especially to managers and leadership
  • Activity and KPI dashboard
  • Advanced data analytics
As participants engage, the program adapts in response to their performance, which keeps motivation high and individuals on track to reach their goals.

What features does DEKRA ABC include?

DEKRA Performance Manager (DMP):
Our DEKRA Performance Manager (DPM) is a digital platform incorporating diagnostics, action plans, KPI reporting and more in order to provide an interactive, adaptable coaching experience. The structure and accessibility of the DPM allow learning, monitoring and feedback to take place continuously, without reliance on a full-time on-site coach.
I-Coaching provides live training delivered as 1-2-1 or group training sessions and can easily be integrated into the workday. This means that participants can apply what they’ve learned immediately in interactions with customers, colleagues and processes. Participants interact with live coaches who present on-screen training materials (image at left) from the green screen room (image at right).
Our I-Coaching solutions:
  • Deliver targeted skills training accessible to coaches on the job from a PC or tablet.
  • Consolidate training into manageable segments no longer than 45 minutes.
  • Focus on allowing coaches to immediately apply what they learn in real workplace interactions.

Our digital coaching solutions are performed by our ISO 17024 certified coaches to:

  • Ensure the unbiased international recognition of their social, personal and business skills.
  • Improve their skills and develop their professional performance to recruit, stimulate, develop and retain the best people.
  • Enable a result-oriented coaching process that is universally deployed for our business partners.


  • We are global partners capable of delivering quality and value around the world.
  • We meet changing industry demands and encourage continuous, comprehensive performance improvements and an exceptional ROI.
  • We drive change by focusing on both improvements in target areas and the company’s financial well-being.