Battery Test for Electric Cars

Learn more about your electric car battery! Our test measures quickly and reliably the remaining capacity of your battery.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are transforming how we drive, offering a cleaner and greener future. Knowing the State of Health of their battery supports you when driving, selling, or buying an EV.
Benefits of the DEKRA Battery Test for Electric Cars
  • Get a reliable insight into your electric car battery and its performance
  • Fast: Get to know the State of Health of your electric vehicle battery within 15 minutes.
  • Reliable: A static and dynamic test combination evaluates the battery overarching.
  • Independent: One of our experts conducts the unique, patented test for you
The heart of your electric car is the battery. But it is also the most mysterious part. How good is its performance after a certain time of driving? Why do you feel less performance even when you have fully charged it? And what can you do to lengthen the battery lifetime? DEKRA demystifies the battery with its Battery Test for Electric Cars, a neutral, independent battery test. Based on a 15-minute analysis, DEKRA accurately assesses the battery’s State of Health (SoH).
What is the SoH?
The State of Health is defined as the remaining capacity of a used electric car battery. It strongly influences both the vehicle's value as well as its driving range.
Why does this matter?
What are the advantages of our battery test?
Good to know!
There are several ways to positively influence the lifetime of your electric car's battery:
  • Pay attention to how you drive: Drive smoothly and avoid aggressive driving behavior.
  • Pay attention to the way you park: Ideally, the State of Charge should be in the mid-range if you park your car for longer. And avoid parking it in the direct sun.
  • Pay attention to how you charge: Do not fully charge or discharge your battery. And avoid fast charging.