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Learn More About Your Electric Car– With Our Battery Test!

Battery Test for Electric Cars

DEKRA’s Battery Test for Electric Cars Lets You Look Beneath the Surface

Learn more about your electric car battery! Our test measures quickly and reliably the remaining capacity of your battery.

The market for electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrids is booming and more and more drivers are enjoying their newfound emission-free mobility. Others are eagerly waiting for the trend of a cleaner and greener future to hit the used vehicle market as well. As an owner of an electric car, or as a prospective future owner, you should pay particular attention to the car’s heart: the battery. Knowing its State of Health enables you to prolong your battery’s life and to make better decisions in a buying or selling process.
Try the DEKRA Battery Test for Electric Cars now and look beneath the surface of your EV battery! In just 15 minutes, you will get reliable insights into its remaining capacity and performance – from an independent source you can trust.


No other test currently is faster: get to know your hybrid or electric car’s battery’s State of Health in just 15 minutes and receive the results via e-mail in real time.


The results of both a static and dynamic test are compared with an extensive database using DEKRA’s patented algorithm. That way, the results on the battery’s State of Health are reliable and are summarized in a comprehensible report.


No reliance on manufacturer data or information from the seller – our experienced experts act independently and conduct our unique, verifiable and patented test based on real-time data collected during the test.

Why Should You Know About Your Electric Car Battery’s State of Health?

Just like a smartphone’s battery loses capacity after some time, so does an electric car’s battery.

Throughout its lifetime, a hybrid or electric car’s battery goes through different phases of aging. In phase one, it is brand-new, at full capacity and, therefore, the optimum State of Health. In phase two, it gradually ages and loses capacity. Once an EV battery’s remaining capacity has reached 80%, it enters phase three and its State of Health will deteriorate more rapidly. Whether you already own an EV or plan on buying one, it’s vital to know about the battery’s State of Health in order to be able to use it as efficiently as possible for as long as possible.
The DEKRA Battery Test for Electric Cars looks beneath the surface for you.
When a car is brand-new, at full capacity and fully charged, you can expect to have the maximum range available. When the State of Health gradually decreases, the State of Charge can still be at 100%, the remaining capacity – and thereby the available range – will be lower.

Why is DEKRA ‘s Test Method Different?

Our Battery Test for Electric Cars is not just faster than any other test currently offered, but it follows a unique approach. Instead of relying on State of Health data from other parties and using static vehicle information only, our test measures various EV battery data like currents and voltages under load, i.e. during a brief acceleration.
However, the real innovation lies in classifying these results. For that, we use a highly complex and elaborate database containing a basic data set for each individual vehicle model. These basic parameters consist of our own test results gathered under a wide range of conditions. When performing our Battery Test for Electric Cars, we then evaluate the findings from the test case against these type-specific parameters with the help of a patented algorithm which has been validated by the prestigious RWTH Aachen University.
3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Electric Car Battery!
  • Driving style: Smooth driving and avoiding aggressive behavior behind the wheel will preserve the battery’s capacity.
  • Parking time: If you plan to park your car for longer, you should make sure that the battery’s charging status is in the mid-range. Also, avoid parking your EV in the glaring sun.
  • Charging plan: Deep discharging can harm the battery just as much as charging it fully. Also, fast charging slowly deteriorates your battery’s capacity.

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