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Paper, Agriculture and Forestry Industry

Tailored services for the paper, agriculture and forestry sectors

Paper, Agriculture and Forestry Industry

Beyond mere compliance - Safety excellence in the value chain

With extensive experience in the paper, agriculture and forestry fields, DEKRA provides companies throughout each value chain the support they need to ensure safety and regulatory compliance. Our recognized solutions are designed to meet the demands unique to the paper, agriculture and forestry sectors to help minimize risk and maximize performance for a more resilient and profitable business.

Whether supporting you with industry-specific consulting, auditing, product testing, inspection or recruitment and training of permanent and temporary staff, our services are tailored according to your individual needs and circumstance. We are happy to serve you with comprehensive solutions from a single source at any time, anywhere in the world.

The benefits of working with DEKRA

Tackling industry challenges with integrated solutions

Facing unprecedented internal and external pressures to adapt advanced business strategies and meet consumer demand, companies throughout the paper, agriculture and forestry industries must also comply with strict health, safety and environmental regulations. Innovative technologies and digital solutions are transforming production and driving new business models geared toward the effective and efficient management of contemporary trends.

The paper industry is made up of partners providing innovative research and development, responsible manufacturing, strong supply chain services, and effective marketing and sales strategies. Agriculture and forestry products are grown using industry-specific equipment, seeds and fertilizers, produced through sowing, care and harvesting, stored in industry-recognized facilities under product-appropriate conditions to be shipped to pre-processing plants and logistics companies for distribution. Each sector relies on robust value chains integrating proven and new technologies, regulatory standards, efficient processes, organizational systems and behavioral aspects to benefit all stakeholders.

Championing challenges and adapting to market driven tendencies is key to succeeding in the paper, agriculture and forestry industries. Companies along the value chain must be able to efficiently accommodate growing populations on limited natural resources while meeting changing customer demands for better, organic foods, sustainable paper packaging and fewer paper printing products. Climate change, natural disasters and human upheaval continue to threaten the industries with damages to and reductions in production as well as the degradation of land, forest or water sources. Harmful environmental impacts of chemical inputs and devastating deforestation must be balanced with growing consumer expectations for higher, more sustainable product performance.

Government directives have incredible influence on increasingly stringent environmental and safety regulations affecting elements such as chemical inputs, antibiotics and workplace safety. Digital solutions supporting robotics and big data in precision agriculture are now being implemented and successful companies cannot afford to fall behind.

To succeed in competitive markets, companies operating in the paper, agriculture and forestry space must comply with international health, safety and environmental standards and triumphantly navigate complex governmental regulations. Business models must be updated using digital solutions to optimize processes, increase efficiency and manage quality. Dependent on natural resources, companies must develop environmentally friendly policies and procedures. Strong supply chain partners and a qualified workforce of employees properly trained to the latest standards are key to thriving in each dynamic sector.

DEKRA experts tailor service packages targeting the challenges specific to the paper, agriculture and forestry sectors while providing holistic support throughout each industry value chain. In addition to helping you enhance sustainability performance and achieve health and safety excellence, we support you with strategies to increase efficiency while meeting growing demand with limited natural resources and conduct streamlined asset inspections to minimize downtimes and increase performance for maximal results.


Focusing on safety at home, at work, and on the road, DEKRA is your global partner providing comprehensive services designed to ensure a safe, secure and sustainable world. The company employs more than 45,000 specialists worldwide focused on increasing safety in all areas of life, including process safety consulting and testing, industrial inspection, and product certification. DEKRA operates in over 60 countries delivering a safer world through consulting, inspections, testing, certification, auditing, and training.

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Our experts leverage proven strategies and proprietary tools to create tailored programs that meet your goals. From planing to aftersales, DEKRA will guide you through each step as we assess your needs, develop an action plan, and implement your solution.

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