Lift, Machinery, Equipment and Crane Inspection

Comprehensive support covering all aspects of lifting people and goods

Machinery and equipment for lifting people or goods are subject to strict safety regulations, both when they are commissioned and during operation and maintenance. DEKRA provides you with comprehensive support in fulfilling all legal obligations as a manufacturer or operator.

DEKRA’s experts provide architects, planners, manufacturers, operators and owners comprehensive, forward-looking and customized support, to ensure they are fulfilling all the necessary safety and legal obligations. Our services worldwide help you to optimize your workflow and to reduce or avoid system downtime, unplanned maintenance or system failure and to increase work safety, machine efficiency and service lifetime. We are also offering our technical competences related to machines and industrial equipment at the early stage of the project and all along the life cycle (planning, design phase, manufacturing, installation, operation and modernization).

    Machinery and Equipment Inspection

    Machinery and equipment such as industrial lifting equipment, industrial doors, storage equipment and any other special tool or mechanical device present a considerable risk potential. They are therefore in numerous situations subject to particularly strict safety regulations, both when they are commissioned and during their operation and maintenance.
    DEKRA provides inspection services, CE certification and technical advisory for a wide range of conformity assessments, risk analysis and application of standards to manufacturers and operators of machinery, devices and lifting equipment for the following areas:
    • Industrial companies, workshops & maintenance and storage facilities
    • Construction companies and rental companies for construction site equipment and construction machinery as well as forestry
    • Logistics service providers, forwarding agencies as well as railway companies, airport operators and ground service
    • Energy production and transport (operators of wind turbines)
    • Municipal service providers such as winter and cleaning services as well as waste and water management (waterworks, landfills, sewage treatment plants)
    • Operators of Buildings, Garages & Car park
    • Operators of playgrounds, amusement parks, fun park machinery and sports facilities
    • Operators of Ski Lifts, Cable Ways & Water Ski
    • Other areas such as amusement rides, shopping centres, theatres & Stability of Equipment or Trees in public areas or sites
    • Manufacturing Steelwork & Components for Plants, Building & Constructions (Design & Production approval)
    As a notified body, DEKRA ensures professionally executed and safety focused conformity assessment procedures according to the European Directives. As national inspection body DEKRA provides periodical and non-periodical inspections and services.
    We are also offering our technical competences at the early stage of the project and all along the life cycle (planning, design phase, installation, operation and modernization) as well as for technical advisory. These services are provided on site but are also expanded to the digital area through online monitoring.