FOSAR (Foreign Object Search and Retrieval) Inspections

FOSAR Inspection of Objects Using Submarine, Manipulator and Rover Robots

DEKRA has over 20 years’ experience in designing foreign object search and retrieval (FOSAR) tools, specifically for nuclear environments. Our mechanized FOSAR tools are successfully used all over the world in decommissioning sites as well as in nuclear power plants. DEKRA specializes in developing FOSAR inspection methods using the latest robotic technologies.

About FOSAR Inspection

Since the foundation of visatec in 1993, DEKRA has been developing cameras for 2D measurements and high-end systems for the best results, even in the most difficult and rough environments. Our customers receive the best engineering know-how tailored exactly to their requirements with each of our technical solutions. Every DEKRA 2D measurement system is a sophisticated engineering service, tailor-made and expandable, delivering high-resolution visualization, maximum safety, minimum downtimes and maximum cost-effectiveness.
DEKRA’s mechanized FOSAR inspection solutions are particularly useful in high radiation areas. The equipment can be combined with our robotic rovers, specialized manipulators and submarine crawlers, which are watertight up to 5 bars (50m depth). The retrieval tools are grippers that can handle loads up to 20kg or suction devices which are able to clean sludges and minor debris.
Our range of mechanized FOSAR inspection solutions includes:
  • VT 100 DAR Rover for a secondary side visual check of a steam generator
  • VT Delfin for remote inspection of pressurized water reactors, including steam generator (SG), main coolant line and baffle bolt