Pressure Equipment and Welding Services

Your Global, Independent, Experienced Partner for Pressure Equipment and Welding Services

With decades of experience, DEKRA has developed a wide range of services for manufacturers, users and investors. The services cover the full life cycle from notified body services (needed for a manufacturer to CE-mark the product by fulfilling the requirements in related directives) to 3rd or 2nd party inspections required for the user to fulfill national legislations or other requirements.

Pressure Equipment Services

Pressurized systems such as filling systems for technical gases, hot water systems and steam boilers represent a great potential hazard. Companies that manufacture or operate pressure equipment or tank systems must comply with numerous safety standards in order to protect people and the environment from dangers.
Steam and other pressurized systems such as hot water systems and steam boilers are under high pressure and temperatures. They heat parts of the machine considerably, which can lead to overheating. Accidents and damage have occurred repeatedly in recent years.
Where steam and pressure are generated, test services must be carried out with regards to manufacture, installation, commissioning and periodic tests.
Related services to pressure equipment are mainly inspection or assessment services. A combination of assessment and inspection is required during the construction and manufacturing phase of pressure equipment to fulfill directives and/or other legislations. For the main part of new pressure equipment, these assessments and inspections must be performed by an independent body.
In many countries there are national legislations that require inspection of pressure equipment before they are put into operation and then, periodically during operation time for the equipment. Depending on the specific country, the inspections must be performed by an independent body, but for some countries it is allowed for the owner to perform the inspections independently.
The need for inspection services can also be driven by requirements linked to intercompany requirements to fulfill internal needs of quality assurance, or by insurance companies.

Welding Technology

DEKRA’s welding experts help you to fulfil the requirements of standards, directives, national legislations or your specific customer specifications. Personnel and procedures for permanent joining frequently need to be approved by a notified body, recognized third party body or accredited certification body. DEKRA is your reliable certification partner, both for quality assurance systems and for personnel and work procedures.