Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)
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We help you to address all ESG challenges. Implement management systems, meet regulatory compliance

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

Act now and set up environmental protection, social standards and good corporate governance (ESG) guidelines that are becoming mandatory for a growing number of businesses.

ESG standards are becoming increasingly important – not just for regulatory reasons. They help institutions to stay on track and adopt measures to effectively reach environmental protection, foster strong social responsibility and embed governance compliance.

DEKRA experts support companies of all sizes and sectors to understand the importance of nurturing sustainable business. Such, you can adhere to transparent ESG principles as well as international standards.
There is a growing audience of consumers, investors, regulators, ESG rating agencies, and financial institutions eagerly observing your actions. Your company can earn recognition and reap the rewards. DEKRA helps you to implement environmental policies, reliable cybersecurity measures, a strong commitment to social responsibility, and proven regulatory compliance. Make sure to position your company as a winner in this game.
Ambient Measurement: Environment
Transparency and accuracy are central to check environmental risks. Trust us – we help to comply with regulations from soil to groundwater to noise and odors.
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Constant Remote Monitoring
Make to constantly monitor and check all levels of environmental health and workplace safety. The safe side comes with DEKRA services for remote monitoring
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Decarbonization Advisory Program
We provide comprehensive advice for companies of all sizes and industries looking to achieve decarbonization goals according to regulatory standards.
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Due Diligence Services
DEKRA leverages its extensive experience and rigorous standards in audits and assessments to deliver comprehensive due diligence services.
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Health, Safety and Environment Management
The HSE management system certification ensures safe workplaces and an efficient use of resources. Our services include major ISO assessments and certifications.
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Plant Safety
Caution and prevention are top priorities in challenging environments like plants. Count on us for environmental health and safety (EHS).
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Sustainability Reporting
Accounting standards include sustainability reporting – and it is increasingly becoming a legal obligation. DEKRA can assist on all levels of reporting.
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Sustainable Sports
Not just companies, also sports clubs and teams leave an ecological footprint. Our service includes a comprehensive analysis designed especially for them.
Sustainability Audits & Verification
DEKR experts carry out objective, third-party audits and assessments of your company’s sustainability performance to build trust and foster transparency.
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Sustainability Trainings & Workshops
Employees help companies and society to become more sustainable and tackle climate change. Our trainings build a solid foundation for corporate sustainability.
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