Are You a Thermometer or a Thermostat?

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Climate is a key component of company culture, and maintaining a positive climate requires more than just taking the temperature. Leaders and team members capable of fine-tuning workplace climate - that is, functioning as a thermostat rather than a thermometer - help their teams find the ideal range for productivity, well-being and safety.

An organization - made up of human beings and human-made processes, hardware and technologies - is like a living thing. And just as live organisms depend on favorable environmental conditions, an organization responds to its climate: too cold, and performance is sluggish and ideas wither on the vine; overheated and there’s danger of corner-cutting, straining resources or burnout.
Calibrating the collective thermostat, from leadership down through the ranks, sometimes takes an objective external instrument. DEKRA specializes in helping companies find and maintain their ideal climate as part of a culture of care.

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