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Fleet Condition Reports

Comprehensive Condition Reports for Used Vehicles for Fleets

Accurate and detailed condition reports of used fleet vehicle strongly impact the profitability and residual value of fleet vehicles.

That’s why fleet managers rely on DEKRA and their experts’ experience in used vehicle remarketing.

The benefits of fleet condition reports

  • Accurately note and evaluate the condition of any used vehicle

  • Applies pre-defined technical guidelines and standards

  • Receive a comprehensive condition report for used vehicles

  • Offers full transparency for the remarketing process

  • Highly accurate damage identification

  • Build a trusted relationship with customers and used car clients

Fleet Condition Reports

About Condition Report for Fleets

DEKRA’s vehicle condition report services for fleets accurately and reliably note and evaluate all damage on a vehicle, applying pre-defined technical guidelines and standards, during its life cycle or/and at the end of contract term. Our experts advise fleet customers regarding the technical guidelines and standards in order to optimize the residual value and ensure the best level of attractiveness.

Our vehicle condition report experts prepare and produce a comprehensive condition report for used vehicles for our customers, covering:

  • Vehicle identification
  • Verification of onboard documentation & loose items
  • Equipment
  • Tires & wheels
  • Body inspection
  • Verification of general vehicle condition
  • Digital images

There are two types of inspection, centralized and decentralized. The centralized inspection refers to the daily return of cars on a compound. The decentralized inspection refers to one that is provided at a dealership or at a customer site. Both centralized and decentralized vehicle inspections are carried out in order for a business to:

  • Validate the condition of the vehicle at the moment of de-fleeting to reinvoice the damage
  • Decide on possible repair and refurbishment to be performed to the vehicles before resale
  • Define the damage to be considered in the vehicle resale process

DEKRA’s detailed vehicle condition reports offer customers numerous benefits, including:

  • Transparency of the remarketing process
  • Accurate damage identification to capture the state of the car
  • Accurate damage identification to build a trusted relationship with client’s customers and used car clients
  • Standardized inspection process across borders

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