Damage appraisal

Our skilled specialists gather all the information and evidence required for an insurance claim.

Damage appraisal

Your benefits:

  • Comprehensive
  • Marketable and process-suited
  • Contains not only picture documentation but a detailed description of the damage
  • Informs about pre- existing damages, plausibility, the actual loss and condition of the vehicle

These assessments are a standard product for all types of vehicle damage. They are prepared for both liability and comprehensive insurance damage. Our experts amass all the data required for the preservation of evidence and the establishment of a basis for the settlement of damage, founded on the respective private liability, liability or comprehensive insurance conditions or policies. In the case of clearly recognizable total loss cost-effective “lump sum” assessments are prepared. These contain the roughly estimated cost of spare parts, wages and paint, or only the total repair costs. This applies to instruction by both private individuals and insurance companies.

Why does Damage appraisal exist?

DEKRA is Europe’s Nr. 1 for damage appraisals. Today’s vehicles are increasingly high tech. Which means when damage occurs, specialist knowledge is needed to assess its extend and pinpoint the cause. DEKRA has the right people and the right services to address tough technical challenges.

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