EV Charging Station Safety

Meet regulatory and normative requirements

Temperatures worldwide are rising — an effect linked to the emission of greenhouse gases like CO2. Electric vehicles (EV) are a promising alternative to fossil-fuel powered vehicles, but their increasing number also means an increasing need for charging infrastructure. To ensure drivers stay safe and EVs charge efficiently, these stations must be thoroughly tested.

About Charging Electric Vehicles Safety

In many cities, EV charging stations have become an important part of municipal infrastructure. In addition, many homeowners or owners of rental properties opt to install privately operated charging stations. Both are important to reach sufficient infrastructure coverage — and both must comply with local regulations and meet technical requirements to ensure a smooth charging process.
Safety Management in Electric vehicles charging stations
The overall goal is to avoid any risks of fire, electrocution, or dysfunction in the charging infrastructure, and to ensure it is safe to use. This is achieved through thorough testing — and this is where DEKRA comes into play: safety management is our focus with EV charging stations and infrastructure testing. This includes coordination between all main actors — charge point operators, manufacturer and automotive OEMs, installers, local authorities, and energy suppliers — as well as the creation of risk prevention plans.
Focus on Data Security
In an increasingly interconnected world, digital communication and the transfer of data become focal points of any safety consideration. This concerns aspects like the charging process itself or payments, as well as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) communication protocols. Especially V2G applications, in which the EV itself becomes an active player in the electric grid, make standardized communication protocols so important.
While these aspects are part of DEKRA’s testing regimen in the production phase, we also cover all other parts of an EV charging station’s life cycle to ensure safety for drivers and a smooth charging process. DEKRA EV charging station infrastructure inspection thus covers all important safety aspects from an initial risk assessment and technical advisory when defining the project specifications, technical support and a certificate of conformity for the electrical installation, as well as continuous functional testing and periodic inspections during the operation phase.
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