Corrosion and Environmental Testing of Materials

Corrosion Testing and Environmental Simulation to Ensure Conformity and Reliability of Materials

DEKRA’s state-of-the-art corrosion tests and environmental simulations provide you with accurate data on the resistance and behavior of materials, components and protective coatings in various conditions.

About Corrosion Testing and Environmental Simulation

Exposure to environmental influences and corrosive agents can severely impair the function of materials in industrial systems and components. DEKRA provides manufacturers with accurate information on the resistance and behavior of materials, components and protective coatings.
Using our powerful simulation systems and corrosion tests we reproduce expected environmental conditions on a test object, such as temperature fluctuations, excess humidity, ultraviolet (UV) radiation and exposure to chemicals. This allows us to study the materials performance, function and failure behavior over a desired period. Applying known parameters under controlled conditions allows us to accelerate the naturally occurring aging process, providing reliable results quickly. DEKRA’s testing laboratories are accredited according to ISO 17025.
Our corrosion and environmental testing services include:
  • Standardized corrosion tests for “sour” service applications according to ISO & ASTM
  • Salt spray tests (NSS, AASS, CASS)
  • Condensed water test climates (with / without SO2)
  • Combined cyclic corrosion tests
  • Cyclic temperature and climate tests
  • UV weathering
  • Color and gloss measurements
  • Stone chip resistance of coatings
  • Testing of resistance to wear, adhesive strength and resistance to scratching
  • Testing of badges/adhesive seals
  • Testing of retro-reflective label plates (DIN 74069)