Recourse Services

Acting as a Claims Settling Agent to take Recourse for Customers

Based on deep legal knowledge and insurance industry experience, our experts conduct comprehensive services to accurately assess and verify damage claims and act on your behalf in cases of recourse. DEKRA Claims Services assists multiple industries to ensure the best outcome according to policy parameters and applicable laws.

About Recourse Services

Rights of recourse are extremely important in the insurance industry. They are a key factor in the assessment of the level of risk by an insurance underwriter, including whether to offer coverage at all and the cost of the insurance premium charged to the insured party.
DEKRA acts as a claims settling agent to accurately and efficiently settle the amount of damage compensation due to the aggrieved party and the level of recourse from the party responsible. We are active in different area’s like: automotive, property, marine, liability and health.
Assessing damage and the subsequent settlement do not have to be carried out by the same party. Even if the damage has been assessed by another party, we can carry out further inspections and take care of the financial settlement in our role as a claims settling agent. Loss assessment, evaluating the accuracy of the claim amount and determining blame, form a substantial part of the role of a claims settling agent. In the administrative and financial settlement of the claim, we take account of the specific conditions of insurance and the excess of the parties involved.
Once the damage has been assessed, DEKRA’s experts have the necessary legal knowledge and experience to take recourse on behalf of our customers.