Carbon Footprint Validation and Verification

Reliable and Credible Assessment of Your Greenhouse Gas Declarations

The release of greenhouse gases is intensifying the natural greenhouse gas effect and accelerating climate change, with wide-ranging impacts on ecosystems and health. Companies are therefore faced with the challenge of reducing their CO2 emissions and minimizing their environmental impact.

Accounting for greenhouse gas emissions can take place at a company, project, and/or product level. This makes it possible to identify weak points and develop reduction strategies – the effectiveness of which can then be reviewed. We provide support with fulfilling your social role in climate protection, as well as your social responsibility.

Overview: Validation and Verification of Your Carbon Footprint

Validation and verification both play important roles in the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions. They guarantee the integrity, credibility, and meaningfulness of these reports, which in turn contributes to a more effective environmental management system and a more sustainable development process.

Our Services for All Business Levels

The accounting of your greenhouse gas emissions can take place at both the company level (Corporate Carbon Footprint) and the project level (Project Carbon Footprint). Alternatively, a product-related greenhouse gas declaration (Product Carbon Footprint) can be produced for the entire life cycle of a product, or individual sections thereof. ISO standards 14064 and 14067 provide a systematic approach for this.
    We offer independent verifications of greenhouse gas inventories at the company level as per ISO 14064-1, based on ISO 14064-3. In doing so, we create a trustworthy basis for transparent and comparable climate reporting, and support you in the external communication of your sustainability strategy and associated climate actions.
    Below, you will learn more about our structured procedure for verifying and validating greenhouse gas reports. We will also provide an overview of the fundamental standards from this international standard series, which offer companies clear guidelines for determining and verifying greenhouse gas emissions.
    Process of Verifying and Validating your Greenhouse Gas Declaration
    1. Preliminary Consultation
    In the initial consultation, we discuss your organization and your expectations, and clarify the scope of application, objectives, and standards. We take into account the framework conditions and define the scope of the preliminary assessment and the verification audit.
    2. Preliminary Assessment
    On the basis of the preliminary consultation, we plan the validation and/or verification in detail. This includes a precise audit process plan that contains all the criteria and required documents for the on-site document review.
    3. Validation and Verification Audit
    During the audit, our assigned validation/verification team impartially reviews your declarations in accordance with ISO 14064-3. For this, we examine the documents that you have submitted and carry out an audit at your premises as per the agreed audit process plan.
    4. Validation/Verification Report and Assessment
    In a final consultation on-site, our validation/verification team shares their conclusions based on the data collected. These are recorded in a report. The team's results are then assessed by our independent body.
    5. Validation and Verification Statement (Appraisal)
    Bei positiver Prüfung erfolgt die Ausstellung einer Verifizierungs- bzw. Validierungsaussage mit den zutreffenden "Keywords" positives Gutachten oder negatives Gutachten.
    The ISO 14064 Standard Series in Detail
    About ISO 14067