Remote Online Monitoring of the Environment

Providing Customers with the Latest Innovative Digital Tools to Ensure Environment Protection

DEKRA develops a wide range of services around a safe environment. Certified companies must be able to demonstrate a functioning procedure for monitoring and measuring levels of environmental health. DEKRA provides you with the latest, most innovative digital tools to relieve you of these tasks. Our services to monitor the environment remotely and online are based on high expertise concerning any environmental risks. Our services help customers to remediate environmental issues, to mitigate impacts on brand and to ensure workers safety.

About Remote Online Monitoring

DEKRA provides a wide range of remote online monitoring of the environment services to provide consistent and accurate information on environment protection to our customers using the very latest digital tools, preventing downtime, increasing efficiency and saving costs.
DEKRA improves environmental protection by remotely monitoring and inspecting processes, equipment and infrastructures. Our aim is to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of our customer’s assets. We continue to innovate in the area of Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) and our management team has over 75 years of RVI experience. Our experts utilize the latest technology in RVI to provide our customers with superior visual images.
The centralized data managements gives you access to the data through a customized interface, providing you with a fast and easy overview of all connected assets from machines and measuring equipment down to single components.
Our remote monitoring dashboard offers the following functions:
  • Integration of environmental data and other information
  • Real-time overview of all connected assets
  • Analysis of process and service data
  • Formal reporting