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Power Measurements of Electrical Installations

Determine your current power consumption values

DEKRA is a leading global provider of electrical installation inspections. DEKRA’s experts carry out accurate measurements of the power consumption of electrical installations.

The benefits you get from Power Measurement of Electrical Installations

  • Get complete measurements that indicate power consumption levels

  • Accurately predict any energy source replacement needs

  • Demonstrably meets all standards and legal requirements

  • Fast and reliable service customized to meet your specific needs

Power Measurement of Electrical Installations

About Power Measurement of Electrical Installations

DEKRA provides our customers an essential and accurate power measurement service, for those instances when a customer needs to change the transformer of their electrical installation, or install a generator, or consider changing their electricity grid subscription contract.

Our electrical installation experts carry out complete measurements that indicate current consumption levels and thus allow customers to achieve the best technical and economic compromise. In order to obtain a measurement that reflects the conditions of use of the installations and equipment, measurements are taken over a sufficiently long period.

These measures allow customers, for example, to accurately predict the replacement of an energy source (transformer, generator) and to optimize their investment cost.

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