Vehicle Appraisal Services

Fast, Comprehensive and High-quality Vehicle Appraisals

DEKRA has been a world leader in producing vehicle appraisals for courts and insurance companies for over 90 years. Since our first appraisals in 1926, our experts have assessed vehicle damage, produced analytical reports for criminal and civil proceedings and provided our customers with certainty. Maximum safety and quality in case of emergencies.

DEKRA’s specialists provide fast, competent services with passion and commitment for all questions relating to vehicle inspections, expert reports and appraisals. We offer customers a complete one-stop shop, from the exact determination of the amount of damage, to the preservation of evidence and documentation of loss of value right through to claims handling.
In today’s world, where vehicles are increasingly reliant on digital technologies and data, DEKRA’s specialist knowledge is invaluable in assessing the extent and pinpointing the cause of damage. Our use of telematics data, smart technologies and artificial intelligence-powered image recognition systems make our vehicle appraisal services faster and more accurate than ever, digitalizing the automotive claims process and saving time.
In addition to supporting clients in assessing damage related to an automotive claim, DEKRA also offers comprehensive support when it comes to fraud investigation, accident research and technical audits, including technical investigations and maintenance.
Our customers rely on the neutral expert knowledge and considerable experience of DEKRA’s vehicle appraisal specialists. Our experts not only clarify the facts of a case and secure all claims, they also determine the actual extent of any damage based on a detailed damage appraisal. Our vehicle appraisal services are fully comprehensive and fully adaptable to all relevant national and international regulations.