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Remote and Online Monitoring of Buildings, Road and Railway Infrastructure

Remote and Online Monitoring of Buildings, Road and Railway Infrastructure

DEKRA offers individual solutions for condition-based monitoring of your buildings, road and railway infrastructure, preventing downtime, increasing efficiency and saving costs. To continuously monitor your assets, we also offer remote and online solutions with customer specific digital solutions.

The benefits you get from our Remote and Online Monitoring Services

  • Customized solution adapted to your assets and the existing data

  • Independent data management during maintenance and engineering operations

  • Secure and centralized management of your data

  • Manage your building or infrastructure online or remotely

  • Access your data securely from anywhere and anytime

  • Save time and money reducing downtime

Remote and Online Monitoring of Buildings and Infrastructure

About Remote and Online Monitoring

To optimize your buildings, road and railway infrastructure management and lifetime, you need to collect data of the evolution of the state of your assets with specific and permanent installed equipment. DEKRA relieves you of these tasks due to customized solutions, to monitor your assets through remote and/or online data acquisition equipment. We advise you in how to best collect, transport and analyze the data from your assets. The centralized data management gives you access to the data through a customized interface, providing you with a fast and easy overview of all connected assets.

DEKRA is a world leader in introducing new technologies to the construction market, extending its portfolio with a remote monitoring system for various types of construction structures. Our customer receives full information about the behavior of the monitored structure, which allows them to make quick decisions in the event of a detection of dangerous behavior in the structure, and thus reduce the risk of costly failures and optimize the lifetime management of the structure.

DEKRA provides a number of remote monitoring services, including:

  • Remote online monitoring of buildings
  • Condition monitoring of road infrastructure
  • Condition monitoring, sensor monitoring - Railway infrastructure

Within the framework of remote monitoring, DEKRA performs:

  • Visual monitoring of objects with the use of a drone
  • Measurement of vibrations during earthworks or pile hammering
  • Monitoring of deflections, deformations and displacements of structures
  • Monitoring of road embankments
  • Bridge monitoring, displacement, deformation and settlement of foundations
  • Cracks monitoring
  • Noise measurement
  • Temperature measurement

Our remote monitoring dashboard offers following functions:

  • Integration of inspection data and other information
  • Real-time overview of all connected assets
  • Documentation and analysis of national regulated liabilities (logbook)

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