Leadership Diagnostic, Assessments and Development

Developing effective leadership and a culture of care

Effective leadership is a decisive factor in your company’s success, influencing all aspects of operations and culture. However, unlike other elements such as processes or finances, it is difficult to quantify and measure reliably. This, in addition to the challenge of addressing leadership deficits internally makes engaging outside expertise not only appealing, but essential to effect meaningful change.

Our consultants have developed an array of tools to support the development of valuable leadership skills. We employ assessments such as our Leadership Diagnostic Instrument (LDI) or our Leader Care Profile to understand leaders’ strengths and weaknesses. SafeAlign™ and our Leading Safety Performance™ solution, as well as our program on understanding major accident hazards highlight the ways strong leadership can be harnessed to optimize safety. Our experts provide individualized coaching, too, as part of our comprehensive approach to helping leaders reach their potential.
Our Leadership Diagnostics, Assessments and Development Solutions
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