Don‘t Waste Time! Increase Productivity by Investing in Health and Well-Being of Your Employees

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While accident prevention measures and comprehensive safety systems have been successful in reducing workplace injuries and incidents in many business sectors, there are two areas in which worker health continues to suffer increasingly: Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) and stress, depression and anxiety.

Discomforts in these areas now account for nearly three quarters of employee illness and absenteeism, ultimately costing companies far more in reduced productivity and lost work days than on-the-job accidents.
The success of safety initiatives targeting incident prevention proves that the tools, know-how and technology to tackle these issues are available. What has been missing is a sense of urgency, awareness and the right attitude to confront them head-on.
The incentives for companies are clear when it comes to reducing musculoskeletal disorders and promoting mental well-being among their employees. Even modest headway in these areas can decrease absenteeism and boost productivity substantially.
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