Technical Advisory on Destructive Testing

Offering Technical Support, Advice, Training and Quality Assurance on Destructive Testing

DEKRA has world class expertise in destructive testing in our laboratories across the world. We can support your team in any questions regarding testing, measurement and analysis of materials. Our destructive testing experts offer practical and valuable technical advice and support to customers, alongside training and courses in the area of materials testing.

About Technical Advisory on Destructive Testing

Our destructive testing experts are available to offer technical advice on a wide variety of standard test methods, products and application specific requirements covering both ISO, ASTM and ASME specifications. DEKRA combines the technical service capabilities of the testing laboratories with the expertise in engineering and inspection through different industrial disciplines to form a unique skill set combined with efficient delivery under one roof.
Whatever your need, from support in transferring product specifications to testing schemes to complex design review or calculations related to development projects, DEKRA can provide you support all the way. Our organization spreads out to several countries and through DEKRA you can find the right trusted partner for your engineering needs.
DEKRA’s testing laboratories are accredited according to ISO 17025 and our destructive testing experts are fully qualified to provide technical advice and support on all aspects of destructive testing. Their familiarity with a wide range of materials testing technologies and processes enables them to offer you further technical, education and training advice related to destructive testing.