Trucks & LCV

Improved performance in the field of trucks and LCVs

Your customers depend on trucks and LCVs to keep their business moving and on you to provide reliable aftersales services and to replenish their fleets when necessary. It can be challenging to meet customer expectations when resources are limited. Our experts are at your side with solutions.

Fleet sales of trucks and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), whether new, used or electric, are an important part of your automotive business. Fleet operators demand a lot from these vehicles, and rely on aftersales services, parts and logistics to keep them in good condition. The support of experienced advisors can help you meet these expectations and boost your performance.
Our team of experts has developed the DEKRA Advanced Blended Coaching (ABC) methodology to deliver targeted, flexible coaching and training to those in the truck and LCV business. Blending in-person and virtual interactions, DEKRA ABC provides engaging, consistent support to your sales personnel as well as an exceptional ROI.