Technical Advisory on Electrical Installations

Offering technical advice on how to design and use electrical installations

DEKRA has world class expertise in inspections, quality systems and certification processes. We can advise your team in questions regarding the management of your electrical installations.

About Technical Advisory

The extensive knowledge and experience about electrical installation processes of our DEKRA experts, makes DEKRA a professional and trusted advisor in this field. DEKRA specialists provide you with comprehensive technical support on all phases of electrical installation; whether it is technical advisory on equipment and machines, analysis and evaluation of the status quo or the development of customer specific solutions.

Technical Advisory on the Design and use of Electrical Installations

DEKRA’s range of technical advisory services on the design and use of electrical installations covers a wide range of support scope. DEKRA’s electrical installation experts can be present during the design phase to validate plans or calculation notes. They can advise you to find the best technical and financial compromise.
They are also available to be present for technical meetings to validate technical solutions. DEKRA aims to offer you support at all times during your process.