Fleet Evaluation and Pricing

Accurate and Reliable Evaluation and Pricing of Used Vehicles for Fleet Managers

The performance of used vehicle sales strongly impacts the profitability of fleet management.

That’s why fleet managers rely on DEKRA and our experts’ significant experience in used vehicle remarketing and, consequently, their capacity to assist their clients in defining the most efficient pricing strategies.

About Fleet Evaluation and Pricing

DEKRA’s vehicle evaluation and pricing services for fleet managers accurately and reliably obtain a precise, standardized and uniform damage valuation to validate a vehicle’s condition. Our experienced vehicle evaluation and pricing specialists help customers to optimize the residual value and ensure the best level of attractiveness for all fleet vehicles.
DEKRA’s range of vehicle evaluation and pricing services covers:
  • Integration of spare part catalogues, operating repair and paint times in our system
  • Multi settings of all rules for the damage valuation
  • Automatic valuation and control of damage costs
  • Back office validation and exception valuation management, if needed
  • Online report publication
  • Customer or clients’ customer online cost validation
Our experienced vehicle evaluation and pricing specialists offer fleet managers a number of benefits, including:
  • A service customizable to customers’ contracts and standards
  • An accurate valuation minimizing the risk of claims from the client’s customers
  • Automatic valuation which accelerates lead times of the remarketing process
  • Online condition report publication