Remote Online Monitoring

Elevating Air Quality with Advanced Remote Online Monitoring

DEKRA introduces Remote Online Monitoring to revolutionize indoor air quality management, offering real-time insights and actionable solutions for optimal ventilation system performance. Discover the benefits that extend beyond routine checks, ensuring a safer, healthier, and energy-efficient indoor environment.

About Remote Online Monitoring

Our Remote Online Monitoring services encompass a range of proactive measures:
  • Audit and Prediction of CO2 Levels: Conducting an in-depth audit of premises and ventilation systems to predict CO2 levels and provide recommendations for installing CO2 sensors.
  • Real-Time CO2 Level Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of CO2 levels, ensuring a proactive approach to indoor air quality management.
  • Interactive Pollution Rate and Ventilation System Interaction: Establishing a dynamic connection between actual pollution rates and the ventilation system, enabling responsive adjustments.
  • OMS Platform Readings for Corrective Actions: Utilizing our Online Monitoring System (OMS) platform to read pollutant concentrations and propose corrective actions in case of overruns.
    Anticipate and respond to air quality issues in real-time, ensuring a proactive and preventative approach.
    Trust DEKRA for cutting-edge Remote Online Monitoring, ensuring not just compliance but a dynamic and responsive approach to indoor air quality.
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