Phased Array Testing

Phased Array Testing of Stainless Steel Pipes using Rover Robots

The phased array technique was originally developed for Swedish nuclear power plant operators, to meet the need to analyze stainless steel pipes up to 76mm in diameter. Phased array testing is a variant of ultrasonic testing, in which a bundle of sound waves are introduced into the specimen. DEKRA specializes in developing phased array testing methods using the latest robotic technologies.

About Phased Array Testing

Phased array testing analyses bundles of sound pulses and their behavior within a test specimen, with DEKRA’s phased array device having the ability to detect and display inhomogeneities very precisely.
Our latest mechanized phased array solutions are able to document fault indications quickly and efficiently, which is why phased array inspection is particularly useful in relieving the burden of time-critical plant shutdowns, where X-ray windows are often relatively short.
DEKRA has been optimizing our phased-array methods and technologies for many years and we are continuously training our experienced ultrasonic inspectors in the fast-growing field of phased-array inspection, to create the reliability and security that our customers demand.
  • The PUTS inspection system is qualified for Phased Array techniques used at all Swedish NPPs according to ENIQ
  • Full weld inspection from one side of the weld
Skewed defects identified by the orientation of responses relative to the general weld geometry and structural noise. This is evident in both the direct and mode converted responses. The inspection includes detection, characterization, length and height sizing of circumferential defects in the weld and heat affected zone (HAZ).
  • All relevant defects can be detected single sided with weld cap in place, t=6-40 mm
  • All relevant defects can be height sized single sided with weld cap removed t=15-40
Our range of mechanized phased array testing solutions includes:
  • PUTS – Mechanized Inspection of stainless steel welds in piping