Plant Safety Inspection & Industrial Assets

In numerous situations a regulatory demands Inspections of equipment or defined zones related to specific risks, that are not covered by the inspections as pressure equipment, machinery, work equipment, elevator, electrical installation or an emissions report.

Plant Safety Equipment Inspection covers those topics for industrial equipment & installations as well as for airfield and fuel systems to fill vehicles or any storage of oils or substances harmful to water resource.
Industrial equipment and industrial assets as well as buildings also calls out for intelligent solution on managing information and inspection reports as well as bundling inspection services.

    Systems, installations and stationary equipment in industrial applications, Oil & Gas sector as well as storing oil and other harmful substances may present a considerable risk potential to the water resource and soil or related to its potential risk of explosion in the near field, e.g. while filling and handling substances.
    They are therefore in numerous situations subject to particularly strict safety regulations, both when they are commissioned and during their operation and maintenance.
    This may include equipment that is also in the scope of inspections related to its main characteristics and functions, like pressure equipment, electrical safety. machinery & equipment’s general safety regarding mechanical and electrical risks.
    Also there are some stationary installations that are not a machinery or tool used directly by workers or to process materials or execute work, such as internal supply networks for technical gas in factories or components of heating equipment (combustion unit) that are in the scope of this Business Line as well as the inspection of installations & equipment that present an risk to environmental & workers health by using chemicals (Dry Cleaners installation).
    DEKRA’s experts provide planners, manufacturers, operators and owners comprehensive, forward-looking and customized support, to ensure they are fulfilling all the necessary safety and legal obligations. Our services worldwide help you to optimize your workflow and to reduce or avoid system downtime, unplanned maintenance or system failure and to increase work safety, machine efficiency and service lifetime.
    DEKRA’s services for installations, machinery, equipment, storage & filling include:
    • Expert Inspection in accordance with all relevant specifications
    • Inspection of safety and surveillance systems & detection of those equipment
    • Inspection of oil, petrol and grease separators
    • Advisory including risk assessments
    • Periodical inspections
    • Inspection after dismantling or before long term shut down
    • Experts Statements where needed
    • Assistance in documents needed related to the risks for those Installations
    • Approval of companies for maintenance of equipment
    As national inspection body or by personal qualification, DEKRA provides periodical and non-periodical inspections and services.