Pollutant Measurements of Asbestos and Lead

Ensuring safety and compliance to regulatories in your buildings and facilities

DEKRA assists our customers with pollutant measurements of asbestos and leads in buildings, civil works, information and Communication networks, boat & vessel, and railway infrastructure to meet the requirements of all relevant regulations.

About Pollutant Measurements of Asbestos and Lead

DEKRA provides comprehensive support to facility owners to control assets, infrastructure, and facilities due to possible contamination by hazardous substances and the use of dangerous materials such as asbestos and lead. DEKRA's construction specialists provide investigations and advice on how to deal with hazardous substances at every stage of the life cycle.
Our specialists conduct inspections to determine whether hazardous materials are present in how much quantity and type. Inspections are performed for renovation, decommissioning, or use, as well as for existing buildings. Our specialists assist investors or facility owners in preparing waste disposal procedures, as well as providing comprehensive employee training.
We provide Pollutant Measurements for:
    • Pollutant measurement of buildings (asbestos, lead, APH)