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Pollutant Measurements

Pollutant Measurements of Asbestos and Lead

DEKRA assists our customers with pollutant measurements of asbestos and lead in buildings and road infrastructure to meet the requirements of all relevant national building laws

The benefits you get from Pollutant Measurements

  • Comprehensive support in controlling pollutants and dangerous substances

  • Advice on how to deal with dangerous substances at every stage of construction

  • Help with the preparation of waste disposal procedures

  • Access to specialist inspectors with all the required licenses

  • Fast and reliable service customized to meet your specific needs

  • Demonstrably meets all standards and legal requirements

Pollutant Measurements for Buildings

About Pollutant Measurements

DEKRA provides comprehensive support for facility owners in controlling investment areas and facilities due to possible contamination of the area with hazardous substances and the use of hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead.

DEKRA’s construction specialists provide investors with advice on how to deal with dangerous substances at every stage of the construction process. Our specialists inspect investment areas and facilities to determine the quantity and type of hazardous materials such as lead water pipes, asbestos slabs and more. The inspections are carried out both during construction and for existing buildings.

Our specialists help investors or owners of the facilities in the preparation of waste disposal procedures, in addition to providing comprehensive training for employees.

Areas of activity include:

  • Pollutant measurement of buildings (asbestos, lead)
  • Pollutant measurement of road infrastructure (asbestos, lead)

Pollutant measurement of buildings services include:

  • Asbestos marking, dust measures, visual examination, asbestos inventory, asbestos risk monitoring, asbestos training.
  • Indoor air quality: measurement and evaluation with regard to pollutants in indoor air (e.g. volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, asbestos, etc.)
  • Assessment of odor pollution
  • Mold testing: investigation of microbial germs and building damage reports to determine the cause of damage
  • Building pollutants: investigation and evaluation of building materials for pollutant loads (e.g. asbestos, PAH, heavy metals, wood preservatives, etc.)
  • Building and room acoustics: measurement and consulting with regard to sound quality
  • Thermal comfort: determination and evaluation of room climate parameters
  • Drinking water: investigation as well as hazard analysis for legionella exposure

Pollutant measurement of road infrastructure services include:

  • Testing the composition of bituminous layers in terms of the possibility of asbestos contamination
  • Visual examination
  • Asbestos inventory
  • Asbestos risk monitoring
  • Asbestos training
  • Asbestos marking
  • Dust measures
  • Technical assistance on the base of specifications
  • Spot checks

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