Mechanical Testing of Materials

Mechanical Testing of Materials to Verify Against Product Requirements or for Research and Development

In the manufacture and development of components, material failure is no rarity – with serious consequences for safety. Mechanical or often, destructive testing, is an essential component of quality assurance in many industrial sectors. Mechanical testing is in most cases done to determine numerical values characterizing the properties of a material through standard test set up. Mechanical testing leaves the sample material damaged and, in most cases, unusable.

About Mechanical Testing of Materials

DEKRA has many years of experience in the destructive testing of metallic products and welds. Our experts perform mechanical testing to verify how a material performs in standard tests and qualifies to the set requirements. The core value of material testing is to test for potential non-conformities in materials’ quality during the manufacturing and certification phase or possible issues in the material selection. This will eventually have a positive effect later in the manufacturing chain and in the quality of the finished product or delivery.
Welds are one of the key points of quality-related considerations in a wide variety of industrial areas, such as power plant and plant construction. Many application standards (e.g. the Pressure Equipment Directive or the Execution standard for steel and aluminum structures - EN 1090) require that the welding procedure and performance must be qualified in such a way that a defined quality can be ensured during welding. The testing of the test pieces required for this, in addition to the professional and cost-optimized implementation, usually also requires the shortest possible processing time in the laboratory to prevent production downtimes and waiting times. Thanks to many years of expertise, optimized processes and the latest sample production and testing facilities, DEKRA laboratories offer the ideal conditions for this.
Whether it is for your material characterization or weld testing needs, metals or other materials. DEKRA provides accredited testing to most relevant industry standards both ISO, ASTM and ASME.
  • Tensile testing of materials
  • Impact testing of materials
  • Bend testing of materials
  • Hardness testing of materials
  • Tensile testing of welds
  • Impact testing of welds
  • Bend testing of welds
  • Hardness testing of welds
  • Fracture testing of welds
  • Fatigue testing
  • Compression testing
  • Other mechanical testing of materials