In-fleet and De-fleet Operations

Contain Costs and Efficiently Manage Fleet Operations

In a B2B context, the administrative management of the end-of-term contracts requires experts for invoicing, property transfer, document control and storage.

DEKRA helps customers to contain all related costs with our in-fleet and de-fleet operations.

About In-fleet and De-fleet Operations

DEKRA’s in-fleet and de-fleet operations assist customers, helping them to contain all related costs and efficiently manage the end-of-term administration as qualitatively and quickly as possible in a B2B context limiting residual value (RV) vehicle wastage.
Our experienced in-fleet and de-fleet operations specialists offer customers a number of benefits, including:
  • New vehicle fleet management & contractual standards
  • Damage Inspection
  • Administrative Management
  • Logistics Management
Additionally, our management of de-fleet workflow and logistics services assist customers in efficiently steering the physical movements of vehicles and controlling workflow breaking times, covering:
  • Steering during the vehicle life steps: new, in-use, purchased, used, sold
  • Real-time tracking of vehicle movements in the IT system
  • Automated flow or on-request orders to logistician partners
  • Daily monitoring on vehicle localization
The benefits to customers from DEKRA’s in-fleet and de-fleet operations include:
  • Workflow breaking times decreased
  • Vehicle residual values controlled
  • Centralized and fluid logistics processes
  • Quality and rapidity guaranteed