Mandatory Periodical Inspections

Mandatory Periodical Vehicle Inspections for Professional Customers

DEKRA has been committed to road safety since the organization was originally founded in 1925. We are the world’s #1 in vehicle inspection services.

Mandatory periodical inspections for business customers are a cornerstone of our vehicle safety inspection services, ensuring that our professional customers’ fleet vehicles are safe, reliable and that they meet all the required standards set by national and international regulations.

About Mandatory Periodical inspections

Fleet managers need to be sure of their vehicles, of the safety of their goods, and of their drivers. DEKRA offers our professional customers a range of convenient, digital, and flexible solutions, to make the different stages easier, from the appointment to the invoice, limiting downtime and disruption in our customer business. In addition to vehicle inspection, we offer several services in a same location, such as truck lift and truck crane inspection, tachygraph check, and ADR inspections (depending on local regulations).
We develop services to meet the specific needs of our professional customers: in some countries, we may propose pick up solutions, dedicated slots, on site services as example.
Mandatory inspections relate to the following functions:
  • Identification
  • Braking system
  • Steering system
  • Visibility
  • Lighting equipment, and others electrical equipment parts
  • Axles, wheels, tires, chassis, frame, structure and any parts attached to them
  • Other equipment: seat belts, horn…
  • Exhaust system
  • Emission checks may be an integral part of the inspection, or be done separately from the safety inspection, depending on local regulations.
Regulations define the defects of each inspection item. Depending on the criticality of the defect, a re- test must be carried out after the necessary corrective actions have been made.