Mobile Communications Testing (Cellular)

Comprehensive Testing of Mobile Networks, Devices, Cellular Services and Infrastructures

DEKRA has a comprehensive global network of communications testing capabilities to ensure our customers are able to sell their products to all network carriers and retailers’ markets worldwide.

About Mobile Communications Testing (Cellular)

DEKRA’s comprehensive global network of communications testing capabilities helps our customers to sell their products to multiple network carriers worldwide including those for wireless, fiber and cellular technologies. Our mobile communications testing specialists ensure that all major global cellular networks – including the likes of Vodafone, AT&T, Verizon, Telefonica, China Unicom and many others – can confidently buy our customers products to sell to their final users.
It is often the case that particular retailers or multiple network carriers require specific device acceptance testing to be carried out before they will approve them for purchase. DEKRA’s mobile testing experts perform all necessary tests to ensure that all products obtain the technical approval for its production or purchase from a retailer or carrier’s device acceptance teams.
All major global Mobile Network Operators agree on particular certification schemes that device manufacturers have to test their devices against, in order to guarantee network resources are properly used, services and functions are thoroughly evaluated and that the devices can interoperate from device to network and from network to device and from device to device.