CE Certification for Elevators

CE Certification of Elevators According to the European Lift Directive

Providing conformity assessment procedures for planned and installed elevators together with the installer or as EU-type examination for elevators together with manufacturers of elevators according to the European Lift Directive procedures.

About CE Certification of Elevators

All installers of elevators must ensure their products fulfil essential safety requirements in accordance with the European Lift Directive before signing the declaration of conformity and putting a lift into service within the European market. According to the Lift Directive, every elevator must be certified by a notified body after final verifications of design or type examinations and installation, if the elevators are not completely designed, prefabricated, installed and final checked by one installer under a quality assurance system that is certified by a notified body according to the Lift Directive. With DEKRA’s notified body services related to elevators, we help installers to fulfil the mandatory assessment requirements within the Lift Directive.
CE certification is a 3rd party service that needs a notification. With notified bodies for lifts located in Germany, Sweden and France, DEKRA provides conformity assessment according to the Lift Directive within Europe and offers EU-type examinations for lifts.
In addition, lifts for transport persons or persons and goods that are under regulation of the Machinery Directive also need an EC-type examination by a notified body, if the risk of falling exceeds three meters. Normally these are slow lifts, mobile work platforms or lifts connected to a machine. Those EC-type examinations are done by our notified bodies in accordance with Machinery Directive.