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Final Inspections

Mandatory inspections before commissioning

DEKRA assists its customers during the acceptance process and provides final inspection reports for buildings and civil works to meet regulatory requirements.

The benefits you get from Final Inspections

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Obtaining the required authorizations for the building occupancy permit

  • Have the information needed to get the job done right before the end of the various contractors' contracts

  • Get the necessary documents for maintenance


About Final Inspections

In several countries, National building regulations require a final inspection. DEKRA provides final reports and certificates of conformity based on the verifications carried out by the technical experts. The building or civil engineering work is ready for use after getting the required authorization.

After the final construction inspection is carried out by DEKRA’s inspectors, our client receives a full list of detected non-conformities. Based on this list, our client can ask the general contractor to remove all non-conformities before asking the national authorities to conduct a mandatory final inspection.

DEKRA’s inspectors conduct final inspections, issuing a protocol confirming the completed works. The investor is then allowed to report the completion of the jobs to the local authorities and apply for a building usage permit.

We provide Final Inspections for:

  • Mandatory final technical inspection of buildings

  • Mandatory final technical inspection of civil engineering & road infrastructure

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