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Sustainability Advisory Services

Efficient sustainability management and improved environmental performance

Sustainability is an increasingly critical topic across industries and around the world. With our comprehensive portfolio of sustainability services, we help companies develop and test internal standards, manage supply chains and production, assess and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and much more.

Sustainability consulting for carbon neutral operations by DEKRA
Sustainability consulting for carbon neutral operations

The incentives for developing sustainable corporate practices are growing as companies realize the internal benefits of resource stewardship, strive to respond to customer demands and respect standards and regulations. Accessing the expertise necessary to address these challenges effectively and efficiently, however, often requires the support of external partners.

Our experts have a passion for sustainability and are trusted advisors to industry, not only offering advice on management strategies, independent testing and training services, but also working to integrate environmental consciousness into clients’ processes and operations. This might include developing and implementing internal sustainability standards or measuring greenhouse gas emissions and designing a plan to lower them. We can also document carbon neutrality, serve as an auditing body or offer compliance support. With a full range of sustainability services, we are equipped to help you reach your goals and remain competitive in a rapidly changing world.

Your Benefits

  • Improved sustainability performance based on internal and external standards
  • Enhanced competitive edge by meeting customer and compliance demands
  • Reliable documentation of environmental indicators
  • Environmental risk awareness and prevention

Our Approach

We advise and support our clients in prioritizing and integrating sustainability into their organization’s practices and procedures. This means providing individualized services adapted to suit the specific circumstances of each company. We draw on extensive expertise and experience in three main areas:

  • Sustainable corporate management
  • Sustainability auditing
  • Carbon neutrality

We strengthen sustainable corporate management through customized consulting, training and workshops with a focus on topics such as sustainable supply chains, environmental design and transport management. By analyzing supply chain processes, for example, we can help you find environmentally sound product replacements or ways to pare down the system. Our experts also specialize in improving product sustainability in terms of materials and manufacturing methods that benefit both our clients and the environment. In addition, to address the ecological challenges of conventional transportation, we can help you develop more responsible alternatives for your employees and suppliers.

Sustainability consulting for carbon neutral operations - DEKRA
Improved carbon emission performance

Our sustainability auditing services extend beyond inspections to include the development and testing of internal standards. We also partner with specialists in specific fields that set standards for an entire sector. For example, we are audit partners with the following organizations:

  • Project Climate: Specializing in reducing greenhouse emissions in corporate fleets
  • Sustainable dealerships: Working with automobile manufacturers to increase sustainability in European dealership networks
  • Sustainclub: Focusing on sustainability in professional sports

Our services around carbon neutrality help companies document their carbon footprint according to recognized international standards, such as:

  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol (for Carbon Footprint assessment; for products and organizations)
  • ISO 14064 (company-wide)
  • PAS 2060 (company-related)

To help you become a carbon-neutral company, we have designed a reliable four-step process:

  1. Measurement of greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Development and implementation of solutions to reduce carbon emissions
  3. Compensation of remaining emissions through credits created by internationally recognized climate protection projects
  4. Verification of your company as carbon neutral

These and our other sustainability services improve your company’s long-term viability and competitive standing as well as helping protect our planet.


  • We are experts in sustainability with extensive experience in promoting sustainable practices in many industries.
  • We have a global network of specialists with comprehensive knowledge of both local and international regulations.
  • We specialize in standards development and compliance, sustainability management and environmental indicator assessments.

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