Vehicle Condition Report

Safe, transparent and independent Condition Reports for Used Vehicles

Each year, DEKRA experts inspect 650,000 vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks or buses worldwide.

We use this expertise to create your independent vehicle condition report, so you can learn the true condition of your vehicle.

About Vehicle Condition Report

With DEKRA’s vehicle condition report you can find out the true condition of your vehicle. You can rely on this as a buyer or a seller. Our experienced experts note and evaluate all damage on a vehicle based on pre-defined technical guidelines and standards.
Our experts prepare and produce a comprehensive condition report for used vehicles covering:
  • Vehicle identification
  • Verification of onboard documentation & loose items
  • Equipment
  • Tires & wheels
  • Body inspection
  • Verification of general vehicle condition
  • Digital images
DEKRA’s detailed vehicle condition reports offer buyers and sellers numerous benefits:
  • Transparency in the transaction process
  • Accurate damage identification to capture the state of the car
  • Independent condition report by a 3rd party
  • Standardized inspection process across borders