Driving Examination

A complete range of driving examination

DEKRA, worldwide vehicle inspection leader and key mobility actor, has been an authorised test institution for driving licenses in different countries.

By offering a wide range of services, DEKRA is your competent partner to get and maintain individual mobility: we offer theoretical and practical driving examination, for a variety of license classes, with, in some locations, eyesight check required for the practical driving test. We also propose medical and psychological tests to the drivers.

About Driving Examination

Getting a driver’s license can be an exciting challenge, but also a time-consuming, cumbersome process with some anxiety.
DEKRA offer complete solutions to makes it as simple and fast as possible, so it becomes a moment of pride. We propose online solutions, from appointment to delivery of results, with digital tools used for examination. You will find our nearest center and choose the language in which you want to get the test easily. DEKRA objective is to reduce waiting time, to make driver testing straightforward to improve customer experience.
To maintain the driver’s mobility, we offer trainings to get clearance on the penalties you have accumulated on your license. Specifically, for the professional drivers, we deliver the mandatory periodical tests required for this profession. Our services allow the drivers to comply with the local legislation. Our global portfolio helps to improve driving behavior, and to raise awareness of driver’s responsibility on the road worldwide.
You can also get the driving license back with DEKRA. DEKRA offers relevant psycho medical and aptitude tests and alcohol and drug abstinence control programs to help drivers get back their license. For DEKRA safety is paramount, neutrality and integrity are the foundations of all our activities. Together with local authorities DEKRA invests continuously to ensure a state-of-the-art customer journey with high quality customer services.