Voluntary Inspection

Convenient and professional Voluntary Vehicle Inspections

DEKRA offers a comprehensive range of voluntary vehicle inspections.

About Voluntary Inspection

DEKRA’s comprehensive range of voluntary vehicle inspections offers customers complete reassurance about the safety of their car: as a pre check before the mandatory inspection, before going on holidays or before an owner wants to sell a vehicle. Voluntary inspections are not a substitute for mandatory inspections.
Voluntary inspection before going on holidays:
This is the right service for everyone, who wants complete “peace of mind” before going on holidays. It enables you to impartially check the safety of a vehicle between any mandatory inspections required.
Voluntary inspection when a car is for sale:
In some countries where there is no mandatory inspection in the case of selling a vehicle, voluntary inspections offer reassurance since it gives transparency about the safety condition of the car.
Voluntary inspection as a “pre check” before the mandatory inspection:
Finally, some customers want to be reassured about the condition of their car prior to any mandatory inspection, to anticipate potential failures detected in a mandatory inspection and a potential re-test. Neutral, impartial, and experienced DEKRA vehicle inspectors carry out such pre inspections.