Global Market Access Services

Ensuring Open Doors to International Markets

As globalization rapidly connects people, countries, territories and organizations across the world, opening up new foreign markets is essential to the ongoing growth and profitability of modern businesses. DEKRA’s market access service specialists help our customers reach markets worldwide.

About Global Market Access Services

Our experts help our customers to navigate national and international rules and regulations, assisting them with different technical standards and different sets of governmental regulations under disparate legal systems. We help to ensure that our customers’ products can be exported and marketed around the globe, by certifying compliance with the international standards (IEC) including any relevant national deviations. Certification is based on our own accreditations or arranged through DEKRA’s global network of partners.
DEKRA’s Market Access Service experts offer our customers the following benefits:
  • Global Service: Benefit from our global service network with experts, offices and test labs in all four corners of the world
  • Shorter time to market: Gain a competitive edge and market your products more efficiently. DEKRA's experts are always ready to share their knowledge
  • DEKRA Global Market Access Database : Our global market access services help you to take all relevant standards and regulations into account, so that your products can be exported and marketed around the globe. In our Global Market Access database information is available for numerous countries, areas and territories. It is also the ideal resource to stay up to date about regulatory requirements.
Our experts’ extensive knowledge of national and international standards and specifications ensures DEKRA provides the safety certification marks you need for any global market, for both end products and components, and for the consumer market or the industrial market.

Our digital solutions for the Global Market Access of your products

Preparing your products to be marketed and sold internationally can be a complex process. There can be numerous standards, regulations and requirements to meet that are different in each country. To help you navigate through this jungle and to manage your international product approvals smoother, we have created a digital solution to simplify and optimize the process: DEKRA TACS4 ONE. This Global Market Access (GMA) online platform digitalizes testing and certification processes of your products, offering multiple functionalities to help you save time and effort.
By using DEKRA TACS4 ONE you can easily manage your GMA projects:
  • Follow up on the status of your GMA projects in real-time.
  • Receive automatic notifications on changes and updates on standards, regulations and further relevant news.
  • Visualize complex information in a simplified manner and at a glance.
  • Access to a digital library of your certificates and test reports.
  • Manage multiple projects at the same time.
  • Keep track of every step of the process.
  • Receive alerts of your expiring certificates before expiration dates.
  • You can use this digital platform free of charge if you test and certify your products for GMA at DEKRA.
DEKRA TACS4 ONE offers you additional GMA solutions for products integrating wireless technologies:
Find out what regulatory & approval requirements your wireless products must comply with in the countries where your product will be sold: DEKRA TACS4 ONE offers you a complete database on Regulatory & Approval requirements for products with wireless technologies. In this database, you can find out which requirements your products need to meet to be sold in countries and regions worldwide.
  • Get access to technical information on regulations and standards of wireless technologies.
  • Select countries, technologies and frequency bands.
  • Download country reports of their regulatory and approval requirements.
  • Get access to information on type approval regulations, including packaging and user manual requirements.
  • Access the FAQs section.
  • Subscribe to this service for a fee.
Stay up-to-date on news and updates on wireless technologies: Via DEKRA TACS4 ONE you can also subscribe for a fee to a Regulatory & Approval newsletter service about global regulatory news related to wireless technologies. This way, you can easily stay informed on the latest updates you need to consider and implement before marketing your products worldwide.