Project Monitoring of Assets

Project Monitoring of Costs, Investments, and Tender Processes

DEKRA assists our customers with project monitoring of organization, costs, investments, and tender processes for building construction and road infrastructure.

About Project Monitoring

Project monitoring is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria within a specified time. The primary challenge of project management is to accomplish all of a project’s objectives. The primary goals are all or part of the scope, time, quality, and budget. DEKRA offers project monitoring services in two different stages: at the investment design stage and the investment implementation stage.
At the investment design stage:
As a substitute investor or project owner, DEKRA could deal, for example, with quality control of design works, coordination of construction works carried out, and management of deadlines for their implementation, as well as cost control.
At the investment implementation stage:
DEKRA is responsible for creating an investment implementation plan and coordinating and supervising the course of individual works under their agreed schedule. The tasks of DEKRA specialists also include supervision over the budget and the quality of the implemented project.
Project monitoring is vital in project management and aids the manager’s decision-making processes. Project monitoring refers to keeping track of all project-related metrics, including team performance and task duration, identifying potential problems, and taking corrective actions necessary to ensure that the project is within scope, on budget, and meets the specified deadlines. Simply speaking, project monitoring is overseeing all tasks and keeping an eye on project activities to make sure you’re implementing the project as planned.
DEKRA offers our customers complete systems for monitoring investments, with project monitoring provided according to the national and local regulations wherever possible. Our clients receive comprehensive support at every stage of the construction process, which reduces their involvement, keeping the project within agreed timelines and maximizing quality management.
We provide Project Monitoring for:
    • Technical coordination of tenants for commercial and office facilities
    • Verification of compliance of construction works with contract
    • Investment management on behalf of the investor
    • Control of financial settlement between the investor & contractor
    • Tender preparation, tender managing on behalf of Investor
    • Preparation of the investment budget
    • Costs estimation for a new investment for private investors
    • Project and Inspections Supervision during Construction, Redevelopment, or Dismantling Projects on Buildings
    • Project and Inspections Supervision during Construction, Redevelopment, or Dismantling Projects on Industrial Facilities & Renewable Energy Installations