Loss Adjusting Liability

We Provide On-Site Assessment of a Liability Related Damage

Objective on-site or remote assessment of liability-related damage is critical to determining the authenticity of any insurance claim. Independent and experienced DEKRA loss adjusting specialists use cutting-edge tools and digital technologies to conduct investigations and provide reliable results according to applicable laws and regulations.

About Loss Adjusting Liability

From simple damage through to complex liability claims, DEKRA’s professionals offer top quality services in the insurance sector. DEKRA’s experienced and independent loss adjusting specialists offer our customers an independent, globally uniform service in liability according to national law for business and private products. Our use of the latest innovative tools and digital technologies like voice analysis and our expertise in national laws for business and private products ensures that we keep our key customer promise. Loss adjusting in the insurance industry involves the on-site assessment of a liability-related damage, that may include circumstance investigation, by our specialized experts.