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Process Safety Consulting

Consulting services for optimizing process safety in companies

Process Safety Consultancy requires a wide range of specialized skills and competencies. DEKRA has three decades of experience in providing these expert solutions.

DEKRA as a competent partner for process safety consulting

Whether you are carrying out a safety review, implementing safety audits or ensuring compliance with standards or regulations, we have the up-to-date resources and skills to complete the task. And if you require help with problem solving or incident investigation, you can rely on impartial advice and support from our experienced team whenever you need it.

Most importantly, our team is your team. DEKRA's consultancy services can be built around your precise business needs; whether adding to your capabilities or supporting you on a short, medium or long-term basis through our partnership programmes.

Our Process Safety Consulting Solutions

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DEKRA has decades of experience partnering with organizations across to address process safety challenges with solutions that are effective, pragmatic, and meet local and global regulations.
Our Online Solution Finder provides guidance on the recommended process safety solution(s) based on your individual situation. Find your solution now!

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