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Radiographic Testing

Radiographic Testing of Pipelines by Rover Robots

DEKRA has developed an in-line inspection robot, the VT 75 RW, to support the asset integrity of gas and liquid pipelines by detecting and measuring internal and external weld seem damages, internal corrosion, and various other anomalies. Not only is this collected data highly precise, but the visual data can be observed in real time while the inspection is taking place, providing immediate access to crucial information that utilities and pipeline operators require to facilitate integrity management programs and meet federal pipeline safety standards beside the visual examination the crawler uses mechanized Radiographic Testing (RT) of materials to detect defects in welds and the parent material of potentially dangerous equipment, constructions and pipelines.

The benefits you get from Radiographic Testing

  • Radiographic testing of materials using rover robots

  • Combination of 360° visual inspection with radiographic inspection using one tool

  • Visual evaluation can be done immediately and radiography can be done after film development

  • Product quality can be assessed using a more complete data set by a combination of two separate testing methods (VT and RT)

  • Current visual data can be recorded and compared with former inspections

  • Easier to follow defect development and product state

  • Inspection of pipelines with diameter of 350mm – 500mm with a maximum range of 70m

  • The rover is equipped with a meter counter to accurately measure the depth reached

  • The rover is integrated with a backward camera for better orientation

  • The equipment is also equipped with an inclinometer

  • Camera is shielded against radiation and equipped with LED lights for dark spots

  • Provides highly accurate defect coordinate measurements

  • Higher safety for operators as the radiations source will be operated remotely

Radiographic Testing

About Radiographic Testing

Mechanized radiographic testing (RT) is an advanced method for detecting material defects utilizing gamma rays. Radiographic testing is a volume testing method, similar to ultrasonic testing, where many types of manufactured components can be examined to verify the internal structure and integrity of the specimen. DEKRA performs radiographic testing of materials using rover robots to detect defects in welds and the parent material of potentially dangerous equipment, constructions and pipelines.

Samples of defects that can be detected include cracks, slag, pores and porosity, inclusions and lack of fusions. Our experts provide highly accurate defect coordinates, length and orientation height (depth). DEKRA has a variety of Isotope sources and x-ray machines available, including:

  • Se75 Isotope for steel 5 to 20mm

DEKRA’s radiographic testing specialists are certified according to ISO 9712 and we meet the following testing standards: GOST 7512-82, ISO 17636-1:2013, LISO 17636-2:2013, PNAE G-7-017-89.

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